memorial & Honorary donations

Memorial and Honor Donations are noted with a bookplate in a new library book. An acknowledgment of your donation is mailed to the family or the honoree named. Please provide the name and address for acknowledgment if possible

2021 Memorials

In memory of Joe, Joanne & Rosie Aponick by Tracey Aponick

In memory of Edward Baskeyfield by Beth & Rick Roulin

In memory of Thomas Burke by Anne Carol Burke Lamek

In memory of Anthony Campanicki by Mary Balkiewicz Gene & Clare Zimmerman

In memory of Jim Compton Jr. by James & Evelyn Compton

In memory of Joseph M. Davidow by Earl & Carolyn Nicholson, Bryan & Mary Nicholson & family

In memory of Steve Davis by Gerry Seroka

In memory of Kathy Dwojeski by Gladys Rentschler

In memory of Bill Frye by Helen Frye

In memory of Lorraine A. Gregory by Clare Zimmerman, Gary Schell, Lenny & Tanya Savitsky, The Gregory Family, Ruth Blaschak

In memory of Chizuko Hinderliter on Mother's Day by Marie Hinderliter and Barry Gray

In memory of Kenneth Hinderliter on Father's Day by Marie Hinderliter and Barry Gray on his birthday by Marie Hinderliter and Barry Gray

In memory of Brian Irslinger by Ringtown Valley Senior Citizens

In memory of George Leiby by Mary Balkiewicz, Helen Frye & Family

In memory of William F. Lindenmuth by Helen Frye

In memory of Linda Lucas by Gene & Clare Zimmerman, T.P. & Sara Jane Grow, Ray & Arlene Sachleben

In memory of Helen Miller by Jim & Jody Wasser

In memory of Michael & Catherine Murray by Family

In memory of Peter Pengrin by Gerry Seroka

In memory of Bonnie Potter by Gerry Seroka

In memory of Jeannie Savitsky by Lenny & Tanya Savitsky

In memory of Mary Ann Savitsky by Janet Antz & familly, Bob & Anna Marie Decusky, Dolly Zackiewicz, Virginia Heppe & family, Anne & Jenn Grochowski, Rick & Beth Roulin, Janice Wasser, Clare Zimmerman, Rita & Harold Shoup, Regina Grohol, Lois Faust, Frank & Lisa Kalinowski, Tracey Aponick, Sherri Cook-Pengrin, Lynn & Theresa Schreffler, Jim & Jody Wasser, Gary & Sally Hart, Tom & Kate Zuber, JoAnn Benashunas, Ann Helwig, Wayne & Joan Mensinger, Robert & Heather Pitsko, Dan & Deb Grow, Joseph & Rose Chiaretti, Arron, RaeJean, Olivia & Zoeley Clark, Gary Schell, Louise Tomtishen, Katie Kotinsly, Barry & Annette Dennison, Joanne Hartz & family, Thomas Takach & Janice Dreher, Lynn, Rick & Josh Kuzmitsky, John, Anna & David Tait, Joann Zogby, Chris Travis, Ron & Ann Brown, Barry & Donna Hart, Ray & Arlene Sachleben, Steve & Kristin Takach & family, Smoky & Linda Shoup, Lovell Kahley, Ron Grutza, Tyler & Deneen Reese, Len & Grace Kamarousky, Bob & Judy Llewellyn, Janene Ferrara & Family

In memory of Kevin Scatton by Jim & Jody Wasser

In memory of Tiffany Teter by Marta Jacober

In memory of Wayne "Jake" Troy by Gary & Sally Hart, Neal Hart & Family, Elizabeth & Jared Hinkel & Family, Gary Williams, Jim & Jody Wasser

In memory of Joseph Yablonsky by Lenny & Tanya Savitsky

In memory of Barbara Wood by Clare Zimmerman, Jim & Jody Wasser, Helen Frye

In memory of my dearest friend & pet Lola by Ron Peifer

2021 Honorary Donations

In honor of Lois Faust on her 90th Birthday by Nancy Terry

In honor of Dinah Labenberg by Robert & Myrna Labenberg

In honor of my friend Linda Lucas by Betty Bloch

In honor of Lena Popalis on her 4th Birthday by Nonna & Pap

In honor of Gary Schell on his 80th Bithday by Lenny & Tanya Savitsky